Sunday Morning Youth Ministries

Lisburn Baptist Sunday Morning Youth Ministries are held on Sunday Mornings from September until June.  We cater for children and young people from age 3 to 14.  Little Seekers caters for children from 3 to 5 years; the children then move into Sunday Morning Seekers until they reach the age of 10.  At this stage they move into the senior group SM Live!

Our Sunday Morning Youth Ministries have 2 broad aims:-

1. To evangelise and teach - from God’s Word, the Bible – children and young people from the local community and from families that attend the Lisburn Baptist Church;

2. To nurture in the faith and teach - from God’s Word, the Bible – those children and young people who have placed their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

These programmes are based around singing choruses suitable for children and young people, Bible learning activities, scripture memorisation and the presentation of lessons from the Bible.